New SEO Hacks 2019

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New SEO Hacks 2019

To see that the presentation page does not get a review scraps. Simply the internal page gets review scraps Rich pieces would altogether be able to grow the dynamic clicking factor (CTR) for your site.
Snippets are in the form of 

  • Event data
  • Opening hours
  • Rising stars 


AMP Page Speed Boost

  •  AMPs are also a significant part of Google SERPs. It is assumed that the AMP theme will gain more importance in 2019. mobile optimization is also a significant part of See

It has become standard for creating a better website for refined user experience.

  • Out of each odd site could use it because of the limitation of use. Amp is routinely prohibited from pictures and structure and includes an unadulterated substance which is the reason these pages load so quickly.
  • Nowadays it is very essential to develop a website as per the mobile standards because more than half of the traffic comes from mobile users.


Content Matters

  • It’s an old saying content is the king. Well, I personally feel that content somehow matters a lot I won’t say it somehow matters but actually it matters a lot .though Google algorithms are becoming better day by day. It still needs content in the form of text to determine the relevancy of the webpage.
  • I just wanted to clear you that there is a lot of content is being made every day on the internet. The thing matters the most is that which type of content you are producing and how much your content is relevant to Google and the users. on behalf of that, you will be able to rank on the SERPs
  • If I am not wondering there are a lot of competitors in the market and it depends on you how you can beat them and stand out from others. In the competitive market.Chat Bots
  • Yes! You heard it right. We are living in the 21st century and chatbots are the best example of that. It is now a part of the artificial intelligence (AI) (which has stepped in the field of SEO.
  • SEO is a typical strategy used in almost every website. Now we are in the world of chatbots. Where almost every business uses this tool to improve customer satisfaction.
  • It also helps to engage with your customers, of course, we humans like to talk or chat rather than filling the form which is of no use.


  1. Links Remain All-Time Important


  • Everyone feels that link building is no more working nowadays “link building is dead”. But in fact nowadays in 2019 it’s still working and giving equal results as it was giving earlier.
  • It is one of the important off-page factors and will also play a significant role in the upcoming years.
  • I personally feel that Link building is the core of any SEO technique. However, you can normally do deep linking to another website which of more use to you.


Focus on Image Search


  • Make sure images are contextually relevant because the text of the content is going to influence how Google demonstrates what the image is all about.
  • Create device-friendly sites; it has been revealed that users search images on mobile more than they do on a desktop.
  • The image has now become an important aspect of SEO eventually it gains the attention of the visitors.
  • Image search in the SERPs increases the mobility of ranking, thus it enhances the trust of Google as well as users.


Know Your Audience


  • Whenever you create content, the first element you remember is your target market and who is going to seem to be at your content.
  • Your content will depend entirely on your audience and you can create higher content material by simply looking at their responses and you can get a higher search engine optimization primarily based on their interests, age, and location.
  • Try to identify who is your current customer and why do they buy from you? Look for the common characteristics of interest of the customers, which actually brings the most customers to you. Moreover, the other customers also known as lookalike audience will like to show interest in your product or service.