SEO Copywriting importance and strategies

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SEO Copywriting importance and strategies

18 SEO Copywriting Hacks to Get 10000 Visitors per Month


If you worry that your pages aren't performing up in Google or your pages aren’t converting, and you have been writing content for a long time, then there may be some problem in your content.

Remember-People buys with emotions and justifies it with logic.

If you can create content that grabs your reader's attention and answers those questions and drives incoming links, then a huge part of your SEO challenges have been taken care of, and you can start seeing those positions on pages that you might not be seeing now.


The written words are the strongest source of power in the entire universe.                                                                                     

                                                                                                          Gary Halbert


What is copywriting?

In simple words, copywriting is the art of influencing your customers with the help of writing. It is the skill of writing the text for advertising and other marketing platforms.

In copywriting, there is no personal meeting, no call because the written copy can encourage or influence the prospect to buy on its own.

A good copywriting is the piece of content that persuades people to take a particular action.

What is SEO copywriting?

In SEO copywriting, the content is crafted in such a way that it influences your audience to take the desired action that you want, and also increase the chances of ranking in the search results.

Improving your website visibility in search engines not only increases the authority of your website, but it also increases the trust of your customers or audience.

It drives eligible traffic or potential customers. SEO copywriting helps your content to rank higher easily in search results.

SEO copywriting contains key phrases words that are relevant or that your target reader types into a search box to find the information related to your product or services. Keyphrases are a combination of separate words.

A keyword can increase the traffic to your website as compared to a keyphrase. The key phrases may drive less traffic, but this traffic is more targeted and relevant; these are the peoples who are ready to buy your product or services.

You should make keyphrases using keywords that are relevant to your product or service, and you will notice that your ranking gets improved.

One should make sure that the key phrases they are embedding in their content shouldn’t make the text hard-to-read, appears monotonous, or lose its conversion focus.

Your content must satisfy two factors because google has got smarter, and things are changed. So for now if you want to higher, then your content must be of high quality

  • It should be relevant and satisfy your audience needs
  • Google must see our content as a valuable, good quality, and an authoritative resource.

What is the difference between copywriting and SEO copywriting?

Copywriting is a technique of creating content to raise brand awareness and influence or encourage customers to take action like buying, visiting, subscribing, etc. It is focused on creating an email, print advertisement, web pages, etc.

SEO copywriting is focused on improving website visibility in search engines. In this method, the main focus is to create content that is user and search engine friendly.


Importance of SEO copywriting?

We have discussed what SEO copywriting is now, let us discuss the importance-

  • Improves the website visibility
  • Boost your SEO ranking
  • Drives more targeted and relevant audience
  • Improves your sales and conversion
  • Saves money because SEO copywriting target the audience of your interest
  • Helps to stay ahead from your competitors


Now, let us discuss the SEO copywriting hacks that will surely boost your ranking.

Identify your audience

It is not possible that you sell your product or service to everyone. Analyze your audience because it is an essential part. The majority of people don't get the results because they target the wrong audience.

Use catchy headlines

To get your and maintain your audience's attention use relevant, catchy, and good headlines. As I used, I have made my heading catchy by including the figure like (10000), and a term like hacks.

Update your content

It is important for both readers and search engines. The search engine shows the post that is more recent and relevant, and users also want fresh and up to date content. So, timely update your content.

Keyword research

Analyze the keywords of your niche. Try to find keywords that are more relevant to your product or services.

You can use tools like Ubbersuggest, keyword planner, and keyword everywhere. By using the tools, you will not only get the keyword idea but also you will get an idea of the competition.

Use catchy headlines

To get you and maintain your audience's attention, use relevant, appealing, and good headlines.


Before you start explaining your article, make sure you should give an introduction to your article and what are the key points you are going to cover.

Appeal to emotions

A good copywriter evokes emotions. If you hit the right emotion, the chances of engagement and influence of the reader get increased.

Ask a question to your customers

It is a practical exercise. In this simple exercise, you have asked a question from your customers.

You can request a simple question like

"Why did you choose our company?"

"What are the problems you have gone through before doing business with our company?"

"What are the key features and benefits of our company that you like?"

"What kind of solution are you looking for this particular problem"?

Note the answers and try to work on the loose point of your services of products. It will not only help in SEO copywriting but also improves your product drawback and services.

Use long-tail keywords

Use long-tail keywords, especially if you have a new website because ranking for a term in the search engine can be a tough task. Long-tail keywords also minimize the competition level.

Avoid putting irrelevant keywords

Putting irrelevant keywords not only decrease your ranking, but it will also show your content to the audience who are not interested in your product or services.

Analyze your competitors

You can make a separate email account to review and keep track of your competitors. Now, visit on different websites of your niche or interest and subscribe to their blogs, newsletters.

Once you sign up multiple companies that are selling the same product or services, you will start receiving their offers or sales letter, and you can analyze their way of writing and their strategies.

In this way, you have a collection of different copywriting materials, and this will surely help to develop your copywriting plan.

 Explain the benefits

Tell your audience about the benefits of your product or services. You can embed a customer review section as it will build your audience's trust and also help in SEO copywriting. Tell them the benefits they would get from buying from you.


Know what motivates your potential audience to buy your product and service. Analyze what the emotional chords that you should strike to get the deal done are.

Make content shareable

One of the best ways is to include social media sharing buttons on your page.

Sharing on social media not only increases more traffic, but it will also help in finding the new relevant audience. Encourage your audience to share your content.

Also, analyze which social media platform your audience is using the most, and don't forget to include them on your webpage.

Use photos

To increase engagement, you can use relevant images. Nowadays, infographics are very trending so, try to use them.

Avoid pleasing everyone

You should concentrate on the 15% to 25% of your target audience when writing content or copy. Try to write content that's appealing to people who are more likely to convert.

Hire a copywriter

It is a fact that not everyone writes effectively. If you are not comfortable with writing, then you can hire a skilled copywriter.


Brainstorm the desired or final outcome you want at the end of the article. In the end, what do you want them to do when they are finished reading your copy.

Use analytics

Once you are done with writing, and then use analytics to track the page views, number of shares, bounce rates, etc. Using analytics, you can track your progress, and you can also track what loose points of your content are, and you should work to improve those loose points.