Cross-Platform mobile app development provides the user experience and all functionality of native apps with multi-platform of mobile devices. A native app especially works or run on a specific platform for which it has been developed but a multi-platform app can run on multiple platforms of mobile. This approach gaining a lot of acceptance due to the trade-offs and high demands.

It’s no doubt; there are many advantages to native apps but a well developed cross-platform mobile app can achieve success in your mobile strategy.
Quantum delivers apps for cross-platform by writing code once and making it work on Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. With over 9 years of experience, Quantum team excels in writing compact code on web technologies (HTML5, C#, CSS3, JavaScript etc.). We are cross Platform App Development Company serving abroad, capable of building hybrid apps with enhanced performance and develop required protocol stacks such as HTTP, SOAP XML, RTP, REST etc.
With experience developing cross-platform mobile apps we have suggested to some of our clients for cross platform app development because it is coded once and runs on multiple mobile platforms that also reduces the cost and time-frame. We understand your requirement and suggest whether cross platform apps are best or not for your business because they are not recommended for all types of apps like games.

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